Who needs ZITO!

January 27, 2007


Sure it might have been great to have captured one of the big prizes of this year’s free agent market. BUT WE’VE BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT!

(Carlos Beltran and Pedro Martinez). The METS have proven they will spent the cash when it’s necessary and it WAS NECESSARY the last 2 years.

Beltran gave the METS the complete young star they were looking for.

His tremendous nearly MVP season and Gold Glove centerfield play have been exactly what the METS needed. As for Pedro he may be on the shelf now but he’s created such a buzz at SHEA and caputured the city with his talent, his intensity and his sense of fun! He has been worth the money and will prove to be when healthy again.

While ZITO would have given the METS a proven, durable winning pitcher I question whether he could ever have handled the insatiable NY market that always wants to and expects to win NOW!  His increasing ERA and fall from CY YOUNG dominance made me question that 7 year $126 million dollar deal from the GIANTS even more.  But they lost their horse Jason Schmidt so they needed a veteran anchor for their staff. With our young talent like Oliver Perez, Philip Huber, Mike Pelfrey, Jason Vargas, Dave Williams and the new acquisitions of Aaron Sele who could be a "sleeper" much like El Duque was in 2006 and former Brave Jose Sosa I think we’ll be fine. Forget their ages Glavine is a good fit with a group of young starters because he’s a strong leader and El Duque is a big game pitcher with positive post season and the intensity of a winner. They both fit very well with this team in my opinion.

Also with Minaya at the GM spot if we need another veteran starter I believe we’ll acquire one midway through the season. He’s very intelligent and savvy and seems to know talent and personalities and what can work with this team.

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That’s it from for now from the  FAN FOR LIFE!!   LET’S GO METS!!


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