Are the new METS pitching additions enough?

Fan For Life

Are the new METS pitching additions enough?

February 3, 2007

If you’re a METS fan and I most definitely am I think you have one important question: Are the new METS pitching additions enough?  That’s a tough question.

While many of us like myself who follow this team would have loved to have seen the METS acquire another experienced starting pitcher whose history would have given us confidence that they could not only do well but handle the rabid fans and the demanding media scene in New York that’s not going to happen AT LEAST RIGHT NOW!

We can certainly question whether Barry Zito or even Jason Schmidt could have been the answer in our quest for an ace starting pitcher. Even Jeff Suppan now of the Milwaukee Brewers (much to our surprise) might have been a good solution to the one glaring question for the METS success in 2007. While the METS were closing in on Suppan Milwaukee shocked us all by claiming this prize. Suppan may not have been the ace that we could have relied on. However he most likely would have been a good #2 or #3 pitcher behind Tom Glavine and Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez while our young starters continue to develop.

His playoff experience and his mastery of our team at least illustrated that he could definitely handle the pressure of playoff and World Series competition with his cool demeanor, wicked assortment of pitches, changes of velocity and his pinpoint control.

Now we put our trust in the moves that GM Omar Minaya made in the off season to fortify our bullpen and bring in a couple of starters that have potential and are veterans. The acquisitions of Scott Schoeneweis to neutralize lefties, Jon Adkins to pitch solid middle relief and two starter pitchers Jorge Sosa and Aaron Sele might have made a lot of sense in the long run.

If the METS starters can pitch at least 6 maybe 7 innings that may be enough considering what looks like our strongest bullpen ever provided Duaner Sanchez can come back completly healthy, if Mota can be just as effective as he was in 2006 steroid suspension aside and if we can trust that Pedro Feliciano’s 2006 season wasn’t a fluke then we should be in good shape.

Those are a lot of ifs but if I didn’t trust the intelligence and savvy of Minaya I would be feeling very uncomfortable about the state of our pitching and of our chances of winning a World Championship in 2007. But so far Minaya has proven to have great vision and seems to have good solutions even when it may not seem that way (i.e. Endy Chavez, Jose Valentin, Mota and even Julio Franco-All key acquisitions in our 2006 success).

The acquisitions of Jose Sosa and Aaron Sele may on the surface seems curious at best. However we must keep in mind how the archrival Atlanta Braves have put together pitching staffs with pitchers that were either questionable or look like they were downright THROUGH!  Remember John Burkett, Andy Ashby and Kyele Farnsworth just to name a few in recent memory who surprised everyone with great seasons. You could even add Jose Sosa to the list when he was 13-3 2.55 ERA with the Bravos two years ago! He could be a steal!

This is where Rick Peterson who is proving to be exactly what we thought he was. That he is one of the better pitching coaches in the game. He helped straighten out Glavine in 2005 when it looked like his career was slipping rapidly and you can already see the improvement in Oliver Perez since he was rescued from walking the plank in Pittsburgh and doomed to a lifelong career of misery.

Take heart METS fans if these acquisitions don’t work out I think Omar will be making a huge trade by mid-summer or a couple of them to get quality experienced starters. In the meantime we have some great young prospects that can emerge into the stars we want (i.e. John Maine, Oliver Perez, Philip Humber, Mike Pelfrey, Jason Vargas).

That’s all for now from FAN FOR LIFE!

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