Stop Worrying, Please!!

March 18, 2007

Yes, I realize the METS spring training record is 6-13 and yes I also realize they had a very positive spring training last year but it’s time to stop worrying please!!  When local sports reporters and writers start mentioning this spring training record like it matters I laugh.

First of all the METS are testing out a number of pitchers both in the starting rotation and in the bullpen. From Aaron Sele to Chan Ho Park to Jorge Sosa to Philip Humber to Juan Padilla to Jon Adkins to some guy I don’t know who’s last name is Urdaneta who has been closing some of these games it’s clear the METS have a lot of pitchers that are being tested in both the starting rotation and in the bullpen.

Frankly I really don’t take much of spring training seriously until about the last two weeks prior to the season. Besides a number of these pitchers like Sele, Park and possibly Jon Adkins are making WIllie Randolph’s decisions that much easier since they are struggling. Padilla will be ready soon and Duaner Sanchez got his wakeup call from Willie recently so things are getting sorted out.

The METS have a pretty strong ballclub overall and players like Mike Carp (possible first baseman in 2008 or 2009?), Lastings Milledge, Joe Smith (reliever with a chance to make the ballclub), Mike Pelfrey (looking more like our fifth starter now) certainly add credibility and strength for 2007 and in the near future. Besides I’d rather get all the bad baseball out of our system now and do our experimenting with our ballclub in spring training now than have a bad season later on so there’s no need to panic (at least not for a couple of months).

Remember in baseball it’s a marathon so it’s not always where you start but it’s definitely where you finish!

That’s all for now from the Fan for Life (a.k.a. Steve Ferguson)

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